You can easily clean the Floor Anti-Slip Tape with all kinds of household detergents.
In addition, it can be applied in a practical way indoors and outdoors and safely.
you can use.
* Anti-Slip Tapes
Scope of application:
* All kinds of wooden, marble stairs
* Interior such as wooden flooring, marley, laminate flooring
* Wet tiles covered with marble, such as bathroom and toilet
on floors.
* In shower cabins, bathtubs
*Apartment entrances and corridors
* On all kinds of marble surfaces
* By the pool, in children's playgrounds
*In areas with heavy pedestrian traffic
*Hospitals, Workplaces, Institutions, Schools,
* Swimming pools, playgrounds, stairs
* Safely on surfaces such as marble granite

User Guide

1. Application will be made
The area should be cleaned of oil and dirt and thoroughly
should be rinsed.
2. of the cleaned surface
Make sure it is dry.
3. Application will be made
non-slip tape as needed
should be cut.
4. Protective foil
removed and 1 cm from the step end. without stretching, leaving a gap
should be attached.
5. After gluing
sticking to the floor by pressing on it with the help of a rubber or rubber roller
should be provided.
6. Post-application
Be careful not to get wet during the first 24 hours.


ColorBlack/Grey/ Yellow/Transparent


25 mm10 mt72 pcs/carton
25 mm15 mt72 pcs/carton
25 mm25 mt48 pcs/carton
50 mm10 mt36 pcs/carton
50 mm15 mt36 pcs/carton
50 mm25 mt24 pcs/carton